The TAGS system (Transportable Analysis and Geolocation System) is a transportable case which includes all hardware and software required for efficient passive satellite geolocation.


The TAGS system includes:

  • a digitizer with 4 L-band RF inputs (SMA) 50-2150 MHz (80-MHz instantaneous bandwidth each).
  • a time server which provides:
    • NTP server (for computer time synchronization),
    • 10 MHz reference and top PPS for digitizer frequency and time synchronization.
  • a Linux-based high-power server used for all computing processes.

All these elements are mounted in a light-weight robust IP64 polythylene rotomouled case (19" suspended chassis with Z-type elastoma dampers).

Just connect your antenna cables to the TAGS and connect the TAGS to the local network: you are now able to operate from any client PC using the remote desktop application provided by NovaGrid.

Note that antennas, LNA and down-converters are not included.


  • HyperLoc is the core module of the geolocation process.
  • HyperMon is used for signal analysis missions and for carrier cancellation.
  • HyperTask is the mission manager.