HyperSpectrum is a client-server application which is indeed, a regular power spectrum analyzer, but it also offers many smart additionnal features, that others do not:

Regular features:

  • real-time display of PSD traces and waterfall, keeping track of events for tens of seconds,
  • track average, min and max traces,
  • mask creation and control,
  • scan over hundreds of MHz or smartly jump from transponder to transponder.

Smart features:

  • automatic carriers detection and tracking,
  • real time estimates of RF parameters of all carriers (fc, bandwidth, level, SNR . . . ),
  • focus on a specified carrier and track its QoS (constellation, Eb/N0, CuC detection . . . ).

Such a tool will give you a global view on the spectrum occupancy and precise understanding of the activity therein!


HyperSpectrum also comes with a TCP / XML-RPC interface to retrieve the estimated parameters. HyperSpectrum [server] is used by third party softwares [clients] for spectrum surveillance and monitoring.

NovaGrid also provides its own client, free of charge, as an interesting example that has grown up over the years. The main features of this client are:

  • follows up to 1000 carriers and stores all detected parameters,
  • displays time evolution and statistics of SNR, frequency, bandwidth . . . of a selected carrier,
  • mask creation driven both by PSD history and carriers detections,
  • apply mask and track outliers in a tri-state waterfall,
  • focus on a specified carrier and track its QoS (constellation, Eb/N0, CuC detection . . . ),
  • detect intermittent carriers using display persistence.