• HyperSuite
    HyperSuite is a bundle of software parts can be purchased and activated independently.
    A software protection key (USB dongle) is required.
  • HyperMon is a blind signal analysis tool for modulation / constellation / coding scheme / framing standard identification.
  • HyperLoc is a software solution for passive hyperbolic geolocation. It's aim is to find the location of transmitters (legal, illegal or interferences) whose signals are relayed by communication satellite transponders.
  • A real time spectrum analyzer which includes smart features like automatic carriers detection, quality of service estimation for a selected set of carriers or carrier under carrier detection.
  • A software for automatization of complex tasks. For examples, HyperTask can analyze all carriers in a group of satellite transponders, geolocate all carriers in a satellite transponder or survey a satellite transponder with automatic geolocation of interferrers. No action is needed from the operator except task definition.
  • HyperCSM detect and survey carriers on satellites transponders or in HF / VHF or UHF frequency bands.
  • A bit stream manipulation and analysis software.
  • A complete radio scene simulator.
  • A real-time HF signal analyzer.

  • Prices are available upon request.
    Available packages are detailed and partly depend on the bandwidth of interest (whether land HF/VUHF or satellite C/X/KU/KA).