HyperCSM will help you compare carrier measurements to declared values, display warnings and raise alarms in an efficient way. Quickly identify and troubleshoot frequency, bandwidth, power, quality, jamming, illegal occupation problems... and much more ! Identify and characterize the most advanced interference types, including agile and smart jammers. The Planner will help you declare all the environment and carriers you want to survey with ease, guidance and minimal effort.

NovaGrid is proud to bring to the market a CSM system that completely give up the usual frequency domain processing to efficiently address the surveillance of TDMA networks and agile military networks using frequency hopping, on the one hand, and also detect and characterize fixed, hopping or sweeping, barrage or partial band, noise jammers. And also perform the usual monitoring tasks on regular continuous carriers, beacons, including carier under carrier, line-up, ...

The architecture is fully scalable so that HyperCSM system supports monitoring of multiple satellites and transponders, with one or more antennas, from either a single measurement site (stand alone system), or with up to 16 different sites reporting back to a main NOC (distributed system). The system goes further by managing a secondary backup NOC that can switched as the main NOC. There is a network outage ? The monitoring goes on and the databases of each site will catch-up later and quickly.

Each anchor of the CSM system uses 4 channels at 80 MHz (100 MS/s). Channels 1-2-3 are used by the CSM, simultaneously, to minimize digitization roundtrip time. Knowing the list of carriers to monitor, by analyzing the current plan, the most efficient sampling strategy adopted. Because speed matters, the server software runs on a dedicated blade, in best effort, fully using all the 20 cores to minimize the roundtrip time of the DSP stage of monitoring. As with all signal processing products of NovaGrid, you will benefit from truly blind, automatic, and non threshold based algorithms !

Even at the pace of hundreds of carrier measurements & checks per second, our finely tuned database management procedures allow you to store and navigate through months of data.

Key Features :
  • Scalable : from a single site, to a multi-anchor site with a single NOC, then two NOCs by adding a backup NOC,
  • Military : this CSM was designed from the ground up to monitor critical carriers, including waveform switching TDMA, Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum, Frequency Hopping Networks, in addition to usual carriers, and detect intelligent and agile jammers !
  • Carrier types : SCPC, TDM, TDMA, FHSS, CW, Leased bandwidth, ...
  • Measurements : carrier density, noise density, carrier power, noise power, EIRP, C/N, constellation, carrier frequency, symbol rate, SNR, Eb/N0, CuC,...
  • TDMA :
    • detailed in-depth analysis of bursts inside a frame, occupation ratio, ...
    • iDirect ready : in-group adaptive TDMA, DS-SS modes, spreading gain measurement,
  • Hardware of 4 channels of 80 MHz :
    • 3 channels of 80 MHz (240 MHz aggregated) dedicated to CSM,
    • 1 channel of 80 MHz dedicated to user analysis through HyperMon and/or HyperSpectrum (as options),
    • connections to ETL switch matrix ready,
  • Planner :
    • provides ease of view and declaration of the complete environment (satellite, transponder, stations, carriers, uplink & downlink budget links, weather, ...)
    • start monitoring plans, prepare new plans that will replace the current one in no time !
  • Monitor :
    • visualize all your carriers and alarms, through different views,
    • focus on a carrier, or a transponder,
    • visualize alarms starts, ends, resumptions and acks,
    • locate issues and stations on an interactive world map,
  • Smart :
    • HyperCSM provides some insight to detected problems as an experienced operator would do,
    • Tolerances on each parameter and carrier, can be adjusted independantly, as well as analysis/check depth,
    • Carrier scheduling and intermittence,
    • Create pdf reports about events on carriers or transponders.
  • Hardened :
    • Hot switch-over of NOC Main to NOC backup,
    • Monitoring continues even with network unavailability, anchor or NOC maintainance,
  • Cost-effective :
    • Fully operative stand-alone CSM starts at 65 K-euros,
    • The system grows with your needs, depending on performance and size of your stations networks,
    • Blade and digitizers ship pre-installed and calibrated. Remote assistance to fix issues rapidly.