Signal processing in non cooperative environment

NovaGrid is a technology and innovation company specializing in signal analysis in non cooperative environments. NovaGrid provides state of the art solutions for defense, civil government and private sector, in the following fields:

  • Radio signal detection and analysis
  • Satellite stations geolocation
  • Communications satellites payload monitoring
  • Spectrum surveillance
  • Mission planning

As an end to end solution supplier, NovaGrid provides both software and ready to use hardware solutions. The software suite HyperSuite comprises:

  • HyperMon: Signal detection and analysis framework
  • HyperLoc: Passive satellite geolocation framework
  • HyperSpectrum: Advanced spectrum analyzer in client/server mode
  • HyperTask: Mission planning & complex task automation
  • HyperCSM: High performance scalable Carrier Satellite Monitoring system
  • HyperStream: Bit stream & protocol analyzer and exploration tool
  • HyperSim: Complex radio scene simulation
  • Vulture: Real-time HF signal analyzer.

The Hardware solution comes fully equipped and configured with a custom subset of the software suite and the databases. As such, it is a ready to deploy and ready to use system:

  • TAGS: Carrier geolocation and analysis