Based in Brittany, France, NovaGrid is a company specialized a digital signal processing for radio signal detection, analysis, geolocation and monitoring. The company has more 15 years of experience in the field of signal processing in non-cooperative environment.

From 2002 to 2015, the NovaGrid team has focused almost exclusively on the development of an integrated software solution called HyperSuite. This software suite comprises of the following modules:

  • HyperMon: blind signal detection and analysis, from the wideband samples, down to the waveform standard, with the best ability on the market to analyze unknown signals. HyperMon can be used from HF, VHF to Ka band satellite signals, on-line or off-line, and in automatic or manual modes.
  • HyperLoc: geolocation of satellite ground stations (passive method relying on TDOA / FDOA, TDOA / TDOA or FDOA / FDOA estimates). HyperLoc comes with a set of unrivalled methods developed by NovaGrid to greatly extend the range of use and accuracy of this geolocation technique: multi-references, co-orbit estimation and geolocation without reference.
  • HyperSpectrum: a real time spectrum analyzer offering smart features like automatic detection of carriers, quality of service estimate for a selected sub-set of carriers or carrier under carrier detection.
  • HyperTask: a tool to automate complex tasks performed by HyperMon, HyperLoc or other HyperSuite modules. HyperTask is your conductor of the orchestra when you need to step up to mission planning. Currently, as of version 3.3, 8 different kinds of tasks are available (as an example, one of these missions is to monitor a whole satellite transponder and locate any interferer on detection of appearance). Once started, the task works H24 without operator interventions and fulfills the database of results.
  • HyperCSM: a high performance scalable Carrier Satellite Monitoring system.
  • HyperStream: a bit stream and protocol analyzer and workbench to easily explore binary streams and discover how the message content is embedded.
  • HyperSim: a complete simulation environment that allows to generate wideband signals with tens of carriers with employing modulation types, codes and frame structure. HyperSim also simulates propagation channels and time behaviour of carriers (TDMA, CDMA, ...).
  • Vulture: a real-time HF analysis system.

Since 2015, NovaGrid also proposes a ready to deploy and ready to use solution system. This system provides a hardware setup tailored to the need, in terms of performance, speed and cost. It comes fully configured with the software package:

  • TAGS: a complete geolocation and signal analysis system, with 4 RF channels, time reference and high computing power. This system can be up and running at your facility in the blink of an eye, and provide massive signal analysis and station geolocation.


Develop the HyperSuite software suite and other related systems, in order to provide solutions to the needs of telecommunication satellite operators, spectrum agencies and intelligence services.


Imagine, build and deploy "state of the art" algorithmic solutions in blind digital signal processing and improve the methods of signal analysis and geolocation in non cooperative environments.