HyperTask is the tool you need to automate complex tasks and have them running 24/7.

HyperTask is a mission tool that will remotely control tens of instances of HyperLoc and HyperMon over a network, allowing parallel processing and taking care of load balancing.

HyperTask provides a higher level view to the operator. Just choose the mission you need among 5 main different kinds:

  • blind carrier detection and analysis: detect and estimate all parameters (RF measurements, modulation, coding scheme, framing . . . ) of all the carriers detected in an unlimited number of transponders. HyperTask can analyze up to 3 carriers / second on a 16 processors server,
  • on demand or repeatedly geolocate all, or a subset, of the carriers detected in a transponder using standard or multi-references geolocation; this powerful task allows to locate around 70 carriers every 30 minutes,
  • continuous estimation of multi-references debiasing parameters allowing a more accurate geolocation within a minute,
  • geolocation without reference carriers: a truly unique mission on the market, allowing to perform massive geolocation without any reference signal,
  • continuous monitoring of a transponder and automatic geolocation of appearing carriers (or new interferers).

Then follow the mission wizard for a simple setup. No signal signal processing background required, nor any complex questions . . . Just select your satellites from the database, the frequency ranges that you need to cover . . .

--> HyperTask can also be controled using TCP requests: loading or launching a task or retrieving a task status is available via a single TCP request over the network. This feature is important when you need to integrate HyperTask into an existing satellite carrier monitoring system.